Research in UK finds SAN as best storage solutions for SMBs than cloud storage

Small and media sized businesses (SMB) located in United Kingdom are still not in a position to think cloud as their primary storage platform. According to a survey conducted by IT support firm Icomm Technologies, just 13% of UK SMBs are using cloud as their primary storage medium.

Thus, the study concludes that SMBs in UK are not yet struggling with the issue of data deluge and so are not looking out for more economical storage options like cloud Also it confirms a fact that data growth does not come out of thin air: there will always be a correlation between the performance of a business and the amount of data being produced.

Migrating to the cloud also requires an upfront investment in terms of finance and time, not just to make the move, but for feasibility and other studies to assess the potential benefits. But time and money are currently in short supply in many SMBs due to slow economic growth in UK.

According to the Icomm research, almost two-thirds of SMBs still look to the storage area network (SAN) solution to meet their storage needs, while a further 16 per cent use network-attached storage (NAS) or even direct-access storage (DAS) systems.

Keeping up with this trend, StoneFly is offering SAN products, which can be integrated to Microsoft Azure cloud. So, all those companies who need storage in-premises can opt for a StoneFly SAN which also offers services such as storage on fly, off-site storage for regulatory compliance, NAS & iSCSI Storage and backup as well as disaster recovery options through its StoneFly Cloud Drive driven by Azure cloud.

StoneFly Cloud Drives feature StoneFly’s proven enterprise-class SAN technology which has been integrated with Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform to offer Storage as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), remote OS boot from the cloud, and the provisioning of datastores for physical or virtual environments (such as VMware or Hyper-V).

StoneFly Cloud Drives are ideal for protecting mission-critical information and include advanced business continuity features such as snapshots, asynchronous remote replication, multi geo-mirroring (one-to-many and many-to-one), data deduplication, volume encryption, and thin provisioning.

If they need cloud acceleration, then they can dramatically increase the performance of StoneFly Cloud Drive by deploying a StoneFly Cloud Storage Acceleration Gateway with FlashCache on your local network. The StoneFly Gateway appliance is configured to cache and accelerate the data transferred between your local systems and the StoneFly Cloud Drive on Azure.

To get a feel of the environment, users can go for a free 30 day trial of using storage in the cloud integrated to their enterprise data center environment. Just go to Microsoft Azure cloud storage portal>>>>login with a username and password>>an account will be created within seconds>>>Go to the browse option>>>then go to the option of “Marketplace”>> select StoneFly Cloud drive option>>>create a user account>>select the available storage variants along with the data services>>>integrated it with your storage environment and start using these services.

So, companies who aren’t aware of cloud storage benefits or who are backing off from its usage due to security and privacy issues can go for this hybrid storage option, where critical data can be stored on-premises and the rest can be pushed to a secure cloud.

To know more call 510.265.1616 or StoneFly Cloud Drive in Microsoft Azure which will directly take you to the desired page.

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