Combine StoneFly SAN & NAS appliance with DNF Security NVR to create enterprise class data protection for mission critical video surveillance applications

In recent years, as video surveillance has moved from analog to digital at such a fast pace the need to quickly store, access and search the data has also doubled up. The use of IP-based cameras and modern networking make using video management software and back-end storage easier while giving companies more flexibility. This is where the demand for video storage having enterprise class scalability, performance and data protection has escalated.

DNF Security a business unit of DNF Corporation has recognized these growing scalability needs and is now offering its DNF Falcon appliances with a combination of enterprise class data protection via StoneFly SAN and NAS appliance integration.

Users can start on the lower end with 56TB and scale up to 1PB raw if they require longer retention policies.

For ultimate scalability, performance and data protection along with advanced built-in features including snapshot, synchronous replication, and thin provisioning; DNF Security Falcon series of appliances can be integrated with StoneFly SAN+ Scale out NAS appliances. Optional upgrades include data deduplication, asynchronous replication, encryption, and FC SAN target.

StoneFly’s Unified Scale Out (USO) Storage Appliances deliver scalability and redundancy as a Scale Out NAS and fully featured SAN (iSCSI and optional Fibre Channel), all in one easy to manage appliance. USO series of appliances were designed for customer’s requiring a powerful storage solution that can scale out storage capacity while scaling up performance.

The Scale out NAS feature of the USO allows you to “scale out” as your business grows by adding nodes without losing performance. With the USO you can expand one or more volumes across multiple nodes using no metadata and a single namespace. Usable bandwidth increases as new nodes are added. Best of all, you can manage multiple nodes with just a single user interface.

And guess what? DNF Security Falcon NVRs and storage appliances are certified by all leading video management software makers including Milestone Systems, Genetec, Luxriot and OnSSI.

To know more call 510 265 1122 or click on DNF Security SAN+Scale Out NAS appliance web page.


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