Private security surveillance cameras act as a boon to cops fighting against crime!

Private security surveillance cameras are acting as a boon to cops fighting against crime. For instance, Minneapolis cops used the resources of 61 private security cameras to collect essential video evidence in a shoot out case which took place on recent St. Patrick’s Day.

The department was able to find cameras and request video almost instantly, because the cameras were integrated to software program which links law enforcement agencies to private businesses and residences that have existing security camera infrastructure.

Rochester Police Department now has access to the same system after the Rochester City Council on Monday approved an annual $16,749 contract. Rochester police will early next year begin asking local camera owners to join a network of participants and provide critical video evidence.

The software integration of private security cameras to the central video management systems located in police department head quarters makes the cameras appear in a digital map that police can access. In the event of a crime, an officer could view a location and immediately see where accessible cameras were positioned, and who owns the cameras.

Public sector cameras also appear on the map for law enforcement’s use. Those include cameras at publicly owned facilities and in public places, like Airports, railway stations, skyways.

By integrating public and private security cameras, huge savings in time and cost can be achieved. The Video collected by police through the integrated architecture would be logged as evidence and, according to Minnesota law, be kept from public review until the criminal case had been closed.

The department is primarily interested in reviewing video after a crime or report of a crime. But the architecture also offers a bit extra services. The camera integration can also be used to link to live-video from participating camera owners.

Thus, a proactive security network which has the potential stop crime can be easily created by integrating private and public security camera infrastructure.


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