US fed is ready to help nations which are concerned about their national security!

Federal Government of America is willing to help all those nations which are concerned about their national security. President Barack Obama in a media briefing after Paris attacks said that his nation will always be ready to offer assistance to curb terrorism in the world.

After the recent terrorist attacks in Paris which left 129 dead and 352 injured, France launched a serious aerial attack on Syria which was acting as a breeding ground for ISIS.

France Prime Minister Manuel Valls who addressed the National Assembly on last week end said that his country will try its best to pull out ISIS from its roots. But at the same time, he wanted other nations like US, Russia and China to support its cause.

Reacting to it, the white house released a media report in which it stated that is ready to support all those nations who are up against terrorism. The Federal President Mr. Obama has also asked Russian president Putin to support the fight against terrorism launched by France.

He on behalf of White House opened up in a recent report that NSA will always be ready to support all those nations who are against terrorism. Obama specifically mentioned that internet surveillance program which has yielded many positive results to his nation till date will be happy to render an olive branch, if needed.

After 9/11 attacks in 2001, White House started internet surveillance program, where all the internet and telephonic activity of North American populace was under surveillance. This was taking place on a secret note through NSA headquarters.

But in 2008, NSA started a data center which was specially designed and offered for this purpose. In 2013, the former tainted contractor of NSA Edward Snowden revealed some facts about the internet surveillance program carried out by NSA.

He revealed that US was spying not only on the internet and telephonic activity of its populace, but was also spying on the activity of some key people of other nations. After his revelation, NSA chief in early 2014 admitted that the internet surveillance activity was taking place in the name of national security and has succeeded in curbing cyber crime and terrorist activities in and around North America.

In 2014, Keith B Alexander, the Ex-Director of National Security Agency admitted that USA was spying on its populace. At the same time, he revealed that NSA’s Prism surveillance (Internet surveillance project) has succeeded in stopping 23 major terrorist attacks on the federal nation.

Now, Barack Obama is ready to offer the support of NSA’s Prism project to other nations who are willing to adopt the objectives of security surveillance project in their region. He revealed that US intelligence has been keeping a track of all terrorists and their activities hidden in different parts of the world and is ready to share those facts to interested nations.

Thus, let us hope that this kind gesture of America will help all those nations suffering from the menace of terrorist activities.


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