VMware President pleased with Dell and EMC deal!

VMware Senior Vice President and now Chief Information Officer(CIO) Bask Iyer is happy to hear that Dell is going to acquire EMC for $67 billion. The ex-CIO of Juniper networks is glad to know that Dell wants to keep VMware as an independent entity even after the deal with EMC. Iyer feels that the deal will open more doors and give VMware a more scalability scope.

From the past month or so, there was a commotion in the media that Dell which is planning to buy EMC will try to suppress VMware business, which is a wholly owned business unit of the latter. EMC acquired VMware in the year 2003 and the deal was sealed in 2004.

After hearing the news of Dell buying EMC’s business, a top company’s CEO predicted that Dell is taking a lot of risk in buying EMC to only suppress VMware business.

But the very next day, Dell CEO Michael Dell responded that why would he/his company have the need to do/indulge in such thing. In a media briefing, Michael Dell said that he/his company will keep VMware as a separate entity and have no intention to suppress the virtualization giant’s business.

However, Dell will have to deal with a deep financial depth till next couple of years after the deal. And Dell has made it official that it is ready to take risk.


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