Amazon allows renting of dedicated physical servers!

Amazon Web Services has officially launched a new service where users can rent a dedicated physical server. The new service called EC2 Dedicated Hosts, allows customers to allocate an actual physical server in a specified region to run one or more EC2 instances on top of it.

With the help of dedicated server hosts, enterprises that want to move existing IT infrastructure to a public cloud can make full benefit. All those enterprises facing restrictions on existing software licenses, such as Win server, Win SQL Server, Oracle Database and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server can take the advantages of the new AWS service.

Hence, AWS thinks the option will appeal to customers that want to bring their own license, which they’ll continue to manage, and pay the equivalent of an EC2 instance with Amazon Linux pricing. Those desiring to have more control over their remote IT Infrastructure can move to Amazon Web Services EC2 instance while meeting compliance requirements.

As expected, the service was launched with on-demand pricing only. Customers can choose general-purpose m4 and m3, compute-optimized c4 and c3, GPU-optimized g2, memory-optimized r3, and storage-optimized i2 and d2 instances, which are charged at hourly rates. For the US East region these costs range from $1.848 per hour to $7.502 per hour. Sources say that each host has room for predefined number of instances of a particular type.

Currently, the specified rates look hefty when compared to AWS VM offerings. But reservation pricing will be coming soon and so a discount of 70% can be expected thereafter.

Consumers need to select a region from which the dedicated host service can be offered. Regions currently available include US East in Northern Virginia, US West in Oregon, US West in Northern California, Europe in Ireland, Europe in Frankfurt, Asia Pacific in Tokyo, Asia Pacific in Singapore, Asia Pacific in Sydney and South America in Brazil.

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