Hilton hotels worldwide hit by credit card swipe malware!

Hilton Hotel customers who used their credit cards to swipe and pay for the services offered by the hotels across the world were targeted by some cyber criminals a few months ago. Personal details like cardholder names, payment card numbers, security codes, and expiration dates were leaked to hackers, when Hilton hotel customers swiped their cards in some of the hotel branches over a 17-week period from late 2014 and mid 2015.

Therefore, the hotel chain is requesting all its customers to check for their payment card statements for any unauthorized activity. The hotel head as a precautionary measure, said that customers may wish to review and monitor their payment card statements if they used a payment card at a Hilton Worldwide hotels from Nov. 18 to Dec. 5, 2014 or April 21 to July 27, 2015.

Embassy suites, Double tree, Curio, Hampton Inn and suites, Homewood suites, Home2suites, Conrad Hotels & resorts and Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts also come under the brand name of Hilton Hotels.

A hack was discovered in the database of Hilton hotels in September this year and on further investigation, it was confirmed by authorities that its credit card system got compromised in the above said period.

What’s more astonishing is that Starwood Hotels& resorts Worldwide were also targeted with a similar malware that stole customer payment card details.

Therefore, all those stolen details can be used by cyber criminals for shopping purposes at any point of time in this year or next year. Therefore, better be cautious and keep an eye on the transactions which are taking place via your credit card for the next 18 months. Changing your credit card PIN under these circumstances makes complete sense as well.

Especially, the threat level increases to 100% in this holiday season of Thanksgiving and Black Friday, where deals on electronics, furniture and home furnishings are engrossing.


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