Uploading music to Cloud storage is now illegal in UK

UK populace will face tough time from now on, if they upload any sort of music tracks to their personal cloud storage accounts. The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has decided to abandon an exception to copyright law that allowed people to make copies of media for their own personal use.

This means that British citizens can land themselves in jail, simply for using iTunes, ripping music off CDs and loading the music tracks onto cloud.

Till October 2014 there was an exception which ensured that people could use the music that they owned across different devices.

But a judicial review was pending since June this year, where the high court ruled that the exception was flawed and abandoned it, meaning that making a copy of media is illegal.

Therefore, as a part of this recent judicial review and decision, any person loading music tracks to cloud storage for backup, or loading music from iTunes to an iPod and ripping music will be considered as a law breaker.

So, from now on, all those populace residing in UK please be careful while uploading music to a cloud platform. Do not indulge in such practices unless you own the copy rights of the content. Otherwise, this simple practice can land you in jail for trying to plagiarize content and also could block your cloud account on a permanent note.



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