Cloud based backup and disaster recovery advantages!

Cloud based services are on great demand these days and disaster recovery business is slicing a share out of it. To those who aren’t aware of the advantages of cloud based backup & disaster recovery, here’s a brief article which throws a bit of light on it.

Frankly speaking, there are a lot of benefits to cloud based backup and disaster recovery services. However, it’s still an emerging technology, and needs a lot of awareness for increased adoption.

The main advantages of cloud based disaster recovery or Disaster recovery as a service are –

  • Users get enhanced functionality at a lower cost, as testing of the solution can be done on a regular note and that too without disruption to normal business operations.
  • Cloud based DR solution can be availed with pay as you go approach. When compared to restrictive, long term contracts of traditional outsourced DR models, contracts offered by cloud service providers are more flexible. Users need to spend only when they are using the service.
  • Cloud based disaster recovery tools allow the user to document networked equipment on an automated note. So, weekly or monthly reports can be opted by users.
  • Nowadays, almost every company offering DR as a service is using industry reputed encryption and security policies, to keep the user data safe and highly secure. Thus, a sigh of relief is often witnessed among users who are using the service, as they are fully satisfied with the feature of improved data protection offered by cloud based DR service offering vendors.
  • Low energy consumption and environmental friendly- With cloud based recovery services; users need not have dedicated server equipment in their premises for this task. This saves energy and cuts down power bills. Those going with green initiative, will be happy to hear that cloud based DR lowers carbon footprint.
  • Cloud back and disaster recovery takes place within minutes with configuration and set-up wizards. And most of the recovery features are GUI and so users need not handle the environment with the pain of typing commands.
  • Thus, with cloud based backup and disaster recovery users can avoid building secondary site solutions.
  • It also helps in enhancing or replacing on premises disaster recovery appliances, when situation arises.
  • Remote offices or departments can avail data continuity with cloud based backup and disaster recovery service.

StoneFly, Inc is one such company which offers backup and disaster recovery service through Microsoft Azure cloud.

To know more details, call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly Cloud Drive


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