DNF Corporation follows the following IT Discovery and Evaluation methodology!

When an Enterprise business grows, the IT infrastructure needs to be scalable and flexible enough to cater to the IT needs of that organization. Otherwise, those systems which performed at an optimum level initially may stoop down in performance to such a level that their existence will become more of a pain than help to the enterprise manager.

This is where, a careful holistic & futuristic planning is needed while technically architecturing the IT infrastructure while establishing a business. If the planning doesn’t exist the deployed IT resources may not be as flexible, available, or adequate which can seriously affect end-user experience in years to come.

That is why, it’s important to engage the services of reputed companies while architecturing IT solutions. Remember these companies should have experts in IT Discovery and Evaluation as they act like a think-tank and analyze your IT Infrastructure situation in order to make relevant recommendations to the Top Management.

They could help raise questions such as:

  • Are the CIO, VP-Technology, and IT Managers adept at what they do?
  • Are they aware of all the instances of service interruptions?
  • Are the end-users happy with the performance of the IT Infrastructure?
  • Are there enough budgets for the IT Department?
  • Are they update on technology improvements and prepared for downtime situations?

This is where Dynamic Network Factory’s IT experts could help in taking an inventory of the IT Department and analyze:

  • KPIs and SLAs for the IT Department
  • Take a note of quality and size of the IT Support teams
  • Time taken to respond to support calls on an average
  • Monthly metrics on system availability and uptime
  • Frequency of software upgrades to ensure none of the systems are outdated
  • Do the IT teams initiate user satisfaction surveys among the employees
  • What are the kind of training programs and certifications arranged for the IT staff?

DNF Corporation Technical audit will cover

  • How open is the company to adopting the latest technological IT innovations?
  • Are they considering Server and desktop virtualization- Highly recommended these days.
  • Are the enterprise softwares compatible with all mobile devices?
  • Is the company open to adopting Cloud-based services?- Highly needed to cut down RPO and ROI costs.

Benefits of DNF IT Discovery is that it helps in

  1. Optimize IT Service Delivery
  2. Manage IT Risks
  3. Maximize ROI on the IT Infrastructure

For those who are struggling to meet the performance requirement of their IT environment in their enterprise, DNF IT Evaluation service helps in uncovering behaviors , activities, and inputs that are creating bottlenecks in an IT infrastructure and helps in discovering applications which are degrading its performance.

Our recommendations will enable you to achieve specific business goals and bring your IT environment up to speed with your competitors and other players in the market.

To avail the services of DNF Corporation’s IT Discovery and Evaluation call 510.265.1122 or jut fill in the form in contacts page in order to get a call from our expert.


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