Microsoft to promote Windows 10 with 10 years “lifetime mainstream support” promise!

Microsoft which is offering its new Windows 10 OS as a free upgrade to all Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 users has decided to start a new promotion from January 1st,2016. As a part of its idea to push its Win 10 OS to Microsoft patrons, the company will start campaign in which it will promise 10 years of “lifetime mainstream support” to all Windows 10 users in future.

This means, the company is indirectly hinting that there will be no new OS version release till next 10 years.

Usually, Microsoft offers five years of mainstream support after a new OS release and another five years of extended support to all its OS users after the period of mainstream support.

The difference between Mainstream support and extended support are as follows-

  • In Mainstream support for Microsoft OS, users can request to change product design and features, have security updates at regular intervals, get support for almost all certified applications like Skype, Java, Adobe and such, get a complimentary support for license, Licensing program, or other no-charge support programs, get paid support for pay/incident premier and essential support, get product specific info through Microsoft knowledge base or support site of the software giant, and hardware warranty claims.
  • In extended support, the users will get security updates support, paid support for incidents and product specific info through Microsoft knowledge base.

Microsoft is now planning to declare that its new Win 10 users will get mainstream support for next 10 years instead of just five years. This will surely induce a kind of confidence and trust into its customers that their upgrade to Windows 10 will become future-proof or atleast get a complete support for next 10 years.

Let’s hope that this marketing campaign works for the Redmond giant and increases the sales or adoption graph of Windows 10 in reality.


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