StoneFly offers simplified IP SAN enriched with utmost redundancy and availability

StoneFly 6GS-Class Integrated Storage Concentrator (ISC) product family offers cost effective iSCSI & Optional Fibre Channel SAN solutions which offer high end redundancy and availability for small offices, remote sites, branch offices and first time SAN deployments.

With innovative technology on-board, StoneFly ISC 6GS Class Integrated Storage Concentrators(ISC) are ideal to be installed in environments needing storage consolidation, virtual server deployments, disaster recovery, disk based backups, content management systems and more.

Each ISC 6GS class family of SAN products are being offered with large storage capacities at low price and are available in SATA, SAS and SSD combinations of 4,6,8,12,16,18,24 or 36 drives per unit.

Therefore, environments which require high performance and need to keep storage costs under control can opt for StoneFly hybrid range of SAN appliances, where users will get a combination of SSD and SAS drives on-board. So, applications which need high performance enabled storage can put on SSD channel and others can be installed on SAS driven hard drives.

So, SMBs which are starting small and would like to do big in future can go for this advanced solution, as it allows the users to scale as per their needs on performance and storage scale. By opting for a StoneFly 6GS ISC so users can avail some of the advanced features like thin provisioning, Real-Time synchronous mirroring of iSCSI Volumes and nodes, automated tiered storage architecture,  snapshot for advanced backup and recovery services. All thanks to StoneFusion network operating system which is loaded on all StoneFly appliances.

For more features call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly 6GS Integrated Storage Concentrator web page


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