Three compelling advantages of StoneFly Hyper converged storage appliances

StoneFly Hyper Converged appliances have server, storage and network components all integrated and embedded into the same chassis with a layer of management and automation via software. In the said systems, each node has access to the storage of all the other nodes which allows access to data and server applications through a single interface.

Thus, with this StoneFly hyper converged storage infrastructure in place the 3 main advantages are

That it offers better density- Since all the components are in the same housing, a better density is obtained with this infrastructure. For example, in a converged infrastructure constructed in an enterprise 42U rack, the storage could use 6U and the systems 8U, for a total of 14U. Conversely, in a hyper-converged system, these components would fit in a space of 4U.The increased density often allows more operations in less physical space.

Better performance can be achieved- What contributes to the high performance of hyper-converged infrastructures, among other things, is the distribution of VMs in a File System managed and optimized by the cluster. For example, StoneFly is designed this way and allows for the integration and direct relationship between compute and storage. This allows quick access to data due to their proximity to compute.  Consequently, the movement of data between the various tiers of storage also gets optimized with this architecture.

Agree that a lot depends on the type of storage media which is being used. The ultra-fast SSD or Flash type drives will provide the best performance, while the mechanical drives (spinning drives) will be slower. However, all StoneFly appliances are being offered with a combination of SAS and SSD storage media. Therefore, on performance scale there is no back stepping with these appliances.

Simplicity is exceptional- Since, there are few components to support and is easy to deploy and grows with the business with nodes, operational simplicity can be gained.

So, what are you waiting for? Call 510.265.1616 and speak to the technical expert to know more on the implementation and cost of the appliance.

StoneFly Hyper Converged appliances



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