Dropbox to shut down Mailbox and Carousel!

Dropbox, a major cloud storage provider has made it official yesterday that it will be shutting down its Mailbox and photo management Carousel services from Feb, 26, 2016. Lack of developmental interest shown by the company on both projects, lack of patrons and the company’s struggling move to counter its $10 million evaluation have paved way for the shutdown of Mailbox and Carousel.

In 2013, Dropbox brought Mailbox in order to give tough compete to Microsoft’s Outlook and Apple’s built-in Mail App. But it failed to develop the application to internationally recognized competitive standards.

Meanwhile, Google is all set to create a buzz in this arena with its Inbox which almost equates its features to Apple’s Mail app and Microsoft’s Outlook app.

Dropbox which brought Carousel in the said year was introduced to easily manage photos online. The app not only uploaded photos to a special Dropbox folder, but also presented them in a nice way and made it easy to scroll to past photos.

But Apple’s in-built photo backup option and Google Photos stole all the fun and left the Carousel application almost user-less these days.

For this reason, Dropbox has decided to shut down Mailbox on Feb 26, 2016, while Carousel will run until March 31st, 2016. So, users have to move their memorabilia from Dropbox Carousel platform as quickly as possible.



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