Demand for hybrid video storage to soar as adoption of body worn surveillance cameras increases!

IHS latest survey report confirmed that proliferation of body worn video surveillance equipment within law enforcement agencies in recent years, has increased the demand for video storage solutions, especially hybrid and offsite storage offerings.

According to IHS forecast, while hardware was estimated to account for approximately 55 percent of the $60 million global market for body-worn video surveillance equipment and service in law enforcement in 2014, demand for storage is expected to outpace hardware over the next several years and will generate more than 50 percent of the market’s revenue in 2019.

Generally speaking, they are two types of storage solutions prevailing in surveillance industry. One is the local video storage, where a storage server serves the recording and storing purpose on premises. The other is a third party off-site cloud storage and management through an external data center such as AWS or Microsoft Azure. Additionally, a third type of hybrid storage is also predicted to have bright future ahead.

In hybrid storage, hot data is recorded and stored on premises and the archives are pushed to cloud storage in an automated way. By doing so, storage costs can get cut down by almost 40% as users need to only pay when they access the archived videos from cloud.

For this reason, DNF Security which offers recording and storage solutions for mission critical video surveillance environments offers an exceptional feature in its products and services, which you will hardly find in the solutions provided by other companies.

All Falcon Series Video Storage appliances of DNF Security support an optional Cloud Connection for video archiving. Live recordings continue to be stored directly on the Falcon appliance’s local storage, while archived footage can be written to and read from a secure StoneFly Cloud Drive hosted in Microsoft Azure or the StoneFly Cloud Business Center.

The advantages of DNF Security Cloud connection are

  • It is compatible with all Major VMS (Video Management Software) Applications
  • Supports Cloud Storage in Microsoft Azure, VMware vCloud, VMware vCloud Air, StoneFly Cloud Business Center, and Customer’s Private or Hybrid Cloud
  • Graphical Performance and Utilization Reporting
  • Logical Volume Creation and Patented Advanced Storage Virtualization Services
  • Volume-Level Access Control and Dynamic Volume Management
  • Automated Online Volume / Storage Expansion
  • Support for SNMP Traps and Call Home

Thus, by opting for a DNF Security video surveillance solution, users can economically meet their mission critical video surveillance demands.

To know more call 510.265.1122 or click on DNF Security Video Storage solutions


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