Now get ready for brain driven cars!

Self driven & driverless cars are soon going to be a passé as researchers at Nankai University in Tianjin have developed a car which propels on brain power. After two years of intense research, the developers have designed world’s first mind-controlled vehicle which is capable of moving forward & backward, lock & unlock, or halt without the driver having to move his/her hands or feet on clutch/accelerator or gear.

With the given explanation, one may get a feeling that they are soon going to be dealing with a vehicle shown in sci-fi movies. And yes, it is almost equal to that. The said vehicle will require the driver to wear a brain reading gear which comprises of 16 sensors. This wireless gear embedded with sensors will capture the Electroencephalogram (EEG) signals emitted by his/her brain and will transfer it to a computer program, which will then translate these signals and pass the commands to the car.

This unique automobile is being developed by Chinese car maker “Great Wall Motor” and was inspired by the idea to help people with disabilities who are unable to steer their vehicles. It also helps in curbing pollution and traffic jams, as the vehicles can integrate themselves with other similar cars moving on the road and can take course action.

Besides helping disabled people and assisting in checking pollution, the system is also safe from absent-mindedness, a major handicap with Google proposed driverless cars.

As much needed concentration in these newer cars will be needed only to change the cars moving status, like changing lanes or turning.

Currently, the only issue with these vehicles is that they can only move on a straight line and cannot take either a sharp, U and side turns.

Great Wall developers in association with the researchers at Nankai University are working on this issue and are confident to come with a sure-hot answer by the end of next year.


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