TOR could face a ban in France, UK and US!

Anonymous internet access through TOR-the onion browser could face a ban in France, UK and US from early next year. After the revelations of NSA spying in 2013, most of the web browsing users, who liked to keep their privacy intact, took the help of TOR, which offers anonymous web browsing. The traffic from this browser increased by 46% in the past two years and so governments were looking for ways to ban it.

But after the recent bombing massacre in Paris, the Ministry of Interior authored by the French Department of Civil Liberties and Legal Affairs has officially proposed a bill which involves looking at ways to ban Tor-the onion router. The document suggests that efforts could be made to block or forbid communications of the Tor network that would go beyond that of a state of emergency.  This would be a tall order, but not impossible, if authorities can arm-wrestle internet service providers to do their bidding.

On the other hand, United States is also interested in banning TOR and other anonymous network sources which could act as encrypted communication mediums for terrorism. President Barack Obama is keen on this issue as he wants to weed out terrorism from it’s roots-especially after the call of ISIS to take down California.

In the meantime, FBI director James Comey is also putting pressure to do so, after he badgered Apple and Google for some time to render their products more readily accessible to law enforcement authorities.

United Kingdom after mending its internet surveillance laws could also look into the option of banning TOR and other such encrypted communication resources which could propel terrorist activities in and around its country.

So, watch out TOR patrons!


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