Ultra HD 4K resolution video surveillance shines in 2015!

Video Surveillance technology is evolving at a strong pace and is contributing to better overall security and cost-efficiency. One such development is the demand for high clarity in footage used for video evidence and infact this has gained a lot of limelight in 2015. Therefore, the use of ultra HD 4k in surveillance field is slowly increasing.

According to a study made by IHS(which will be made public next year), the demand from users is encouraging a number of manufactures to introduce cameras that offer ultra HD 4k resolution in coming days.

With the availability of efficient compression technologies, particularly H.265 (high efficiency video codec) and high bandwidth, manufactures of security cameras are willing to experiment with innovations related to higher resolution megapixel and HD video solutions.

This also includes accelerated deployment of high performance single- and multi-sensor megapixel panoramic cameras, which continue to gain popularity for wide area surveillance applications across virtually every market category.

So, this proves that surveillance industry is interested in seeing innovations and transformations from time to time. But the issue is that with the demand for high end technology growing, the costs involved with it will also increase.

For instance, more resolution means, more storage space requirement. That means, a camera recording taking place from a 5MP pixel camera will take more video storage than a camera recording taking place from a 2MP camera. So, imagine how much a 4K (16MP) will demand?

Still if smartly architectured, solution costs can be lowered down. Like using data storage technologies like compression while storing data. Storing only hot data (frequently accessed data on video storage) and pushing cold or archival data to cloud.

DNF Security, a business unit of DNF Corporation offers a smart solution for all those using 4k resolution enabled security cameras. Obviously, the video storage requirements for 4K resolution cameras will be high. So, by keeping only hot data on premises and moving cold data to cloud, one can easily mitigate the growing storage costs involved in high resolution video surveillance.

For more details call 510.265.1122 or click on DNF Security video storage solutions


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