Apple devices are more prone to cyber attacks says Symantec!

Apple devices are world renowned as a status symbol to many and so the craze has put them at peak, when it comes to price point. At the same time, the craze to devices is reported to be bringing other sorts of troubles to the owners of Apple devices.

According to Symantec survey, cyber criminals are increasingly targeting Apple devices like iPhones, iPads and Mac PCs which are otherwise claimed to be “ free from malware” by the company. The security firm also predicted that these cyber attacks can increase in 2016.

International Data Corporation (IDC) claims that Apple devices usage witnessed a surge in popularity in recent years. The research firm which made a recent study says that Apple devices usage now accounts for 13.5% of global Smartphone shipments and 7.5% of global PC shipments.

“So, this increase in usage has not gone unnoticed by attackers. A rising number of threat hackers have begun developing specific malware designed to infect devices running Mac OS X or iOS”, said Tarun Kaura- Director Solutions product management, Symantec.

He added that security researchers have also given a greater focus on vulnerabilities in Apple software with a number of high-profile flaws uncovered in the past year. The findings are a part of Symantec’s predictions for 2016.

The number of iOS malware threats discovered to date, though small in number, has begun to increase with seven new threats discovered to date in 2015, up from the previous high of three in 2014.

However, the research of Symantec also claims that the number of threats targeting Apple OS systems remains quite low when compared to its competitors like Windows and Android.

Therefore, all those using Apple devices be careful with hackers when you connect to internet based applications.


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