Backblaze offers low cost cloud storage services probably running on Tape!

Backblaze a cloud storage services company has opened up a low cost cloud storage service to developers. The company is making price factor as one of its main selling points for its new storage service.

In general, storing data on such a kind of service costs $0.01 per gigabyte/month. But Backblaze is offering it for just $0.005/GB on monthly basis. That’s significantly lower than Amazon’s prices, which start at $0.03 for standard storage.

The company recently introduced the latest version of its storage pods, which is now significantly faster and more powerful than its older hardware. The company says it’s this new hardware that allows it to offer its B2 service at this competitive price.

But some of the senior storage analysts are wondering how the company is offering such low fee which is lower than what companies are offering for services meant for archival storage. They strongly feel that the said company might be dealing with tape media in order to mitigate operational costs for this platform.

Going forward, Backblaze obviously has to show that it can compete on availability and service as well. While pricing is surely a major factor for many of its users, a low price will matter very little if Backblaze ends up suffering from service outages as it brings on new users.

So, watch out before taking on guys!

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