Why to virtualize your storage environment?

For small and medium sized businesses that are focusing on reducing IT costs, storage virtualization is increasingly capturing the attention of CIOs and IT Managers of these organizations around the world. That is because the said technology helps in integrating innumerable, smaller storage devices into a virtualized image of a larger device, powered by intelligent software.

This wholesome arrangement allows the storage admin to allot storage pools to users on demand, thus allowing more reliability and control on residing data and resources. The other advantages include-

  • Simplification in provisioning as said- With the help of storage virtualization one can expand volumes or batch create volumes when required, and then securely assign them to different servers using different network interfaces.
  • Data mobility is achieved- The technology helps in moving, mirroring or copying data from one location/device to another quickly, without having a stop at any applications which are using it on a concurrent note.
  • Easy data recovery- Snapshots can be taken to enable quick recovery while maintaining integrity.
  • Simplifies backup- With the centralization of storage resources, backups can easily be taken, eliminating dependency on manual staff.
  • Storage Classification- Storage Virtualization makes it easy to categorize physical disk devices based on usage, cost or performance, thereby eliminating human error and the wrong allocation of resources.
  • Simplifies data recovery- Virtualization of storage liberates data from being associated with particular hardware. Users don’t need to maintain replicas of the hardware infrastructure across multiple locations. This makes it easy to recover data after an incident or disaster. This also implies that users can use low-cost storage at the Disaster Recovery site. Thin provisioning ensures users can save on disk space, disk power, and hence lower the total cost of disaster recovery preparations
  • Sure shot benefit- As virtualizing of storage gives a more centralized approach, it eliminates the fragmented, and costlier approach of having separate DAS, SAN and NAS topologies, each of which require their own storage devices and management protocols.

With all these benefits listed out it’s easy to see, Storage Virtualization can have a significant impact on an organization’s bottom-line and provides the much-needed edge in today’s competitive marketplace.

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