Demand for virtual workloads in data centers spurs Hybrid Flash Storage usage!

Virtualization is continuing to infuse deep into data center environments and enterprises are re-examining their storage systems and practices in order to find more cost efficiencies.

As virtual workloads from cloud services are taking on-site data centers, Hybrid Flash storage use cases are also increasing instead of all-flash installations.

According to the 2016 State of Storage in Virtualization report released a few days ago by ActualTech Media and Tegile Systems, the use cases of hybrid flash has increased over all-flash installations as virtualization has hit a tipping point in midrange and large scale enterprises.

It is being anticipated that heavy virtual workloads are making enterprises to re-examine their storage systems to find more efficiencies with improved hardware. This is where hybrid flash systems are prevailing over all-flash.

As a result, the storage industry is continuing to see increased demand for NAND flash infused systems, with hybrid flash/HDD by far the most prevalent at the end of 2015.

So, as enterprises of all sizes are turning to virtual machines to power more and larger workloads even inside their mission critical systems, the demand for flash systems and hybrid systems is growing.

Data centers dealing with large workloads applications like file sharing, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint need to have mixed environments and that is where hybrid storage is aptly fitting into these environments as it proves economical and serves for both hot and cold data.

StoneFly offers hyper converged appliances which are hybrid storage systems having SSDs and hard drives. These solutions have the potential to replace the “fixed hardware model” of the past with on-demand resource allocation (such as CPU, memory, storage, etc.) based on your application needs.

To know more details call 510.265.1616 or click StoneFly USS hybrid storage appliances.


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