Simpler management motivates IP SAN investments!

Data Center managers are showing a lot of interest in investing in IP SAN, as they are easier to manage, have reduced complications from a dedicated storage network (FC), present the flexibility to provision storage on demand, tender storage segmentation feature and offer non-blocked infrastructure.

A TechTarget 2015 Network Infrastructure Survey revealed that FCoE was also another much popular & embraced option for SMBs when it comes to storage protocols. Infiband over Ethernet was also standing out on a smaller proportion in the survey graph.

“On an overall note, the survey concluded that Ethernet-based storage protocols, such as Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI), FCoE and network-attached storage, are growing at a significantly faster rate than Fibre channel (FC) and direct-attached storage protocols in data centers, said Brad Casemore, research director for data center networks at IDC, an IT analyst firm from Massachusetts, United States.

“With a traditional central switching architecture, we had to be selective about which hosts connected to the SAN because of the complexity of the cabling,” said Derek Masseth, deputy CIO and CTO for the University of Arizona (UA), which operates two peered production data centers as well as a high-performance computing data center.

The said University has undertaken a $100 million project which was to replace admin systems along with its data center & network teams and moving to an Ethernet SAN. Since, Fibre Channel over Ethernet poses a vendor lock-in threat, UA choose a more interoperable protocol which is iSCSI for its primary data storage needs. One of its datacenters is also relying on Ethernet SAN with FCoE based on Cisco adapters for converged LAN and SAN.

Ethernet-based storage protocols offer attractive cost profiles through reuse of existing network infrastructure and management expertise, said IDC’s Casemore. Lower cost when scaling out storage infrastructure was important to 35% of survey respondents when considering Ethernet SAN options and that’s being offered by iSCSI storage along with FCoE protocol propelled storage.


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