Microsoft may extend its Windows 10 free upgrade offer?

American Software giant Microsoft offered its new Windows 10 operating system to the computing world at the end of July 2015. In order to boost the adoption plans of its new OS, the company is offering a free upgrade to Windows 10 platform from all Windows 7 and 8 OS platforms for one year.

Then what will happen after one year? Will the company start charging for the upgrades?

Well, as per an article in Forbes, the company may extend the period of its free windows 10 upgrade furthermore.

It’s is due to the fact that users are backing away from the free upgrade offers due to reasons. As a result, the adoption rate of the operating system has slowed down drastically.

According to Microsoft’s official blog, Microsoft made around 2.5 million installs per day in its first month of release and then 1.6 million installs per day by the end of October 2015. In November the installation graph fell drastically to just 25K installs and in the past 15 days the installations fell furthermore to 10k per day.

So, with this descending graph of adoption rate, Microsoft’s target to reach 1 billion devices by the end of 2016 is almost impossible.

So, the Redmond giant may think to extend the free upgrade offer to win 10 till mid 2017 in a hope that its patrons will embrace its platform on a complete note.

But isn’t this move a threat to its future revenue from Windows 10?

Well, yes to a large extent. But still the patience will pay back to Microsoft one day, as it can lock down its users and force them to buy its apps like Skype, MS Office and such in order to enjoy the computing services through its platform.


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