US Elections 2016 can be hacked and rigged says experts!

The United States Presidential Elections of next year which are scheduled to be held on Tuesday-November 8th, 2016 may get hacked says experts. According to sources, a major cyber attack is being planned to rig the 58th quadrennial US Presidential Election.

Bruce Schneier- security expert working for Resilient Systems said that the hack can affect the politics in the United States next year. The cyber criminals may break into candidates’ websites, email or social media accounts to uncover material the campaigns which don’t have to be public.

Bruce adds that the cyber attack might also affect the voting system and can allow rigging of elections, favoring few candidates running for presidential elections. He added that already around 300Gb or 191 million voting records of US registered voters were leaked to some sources in September this year.

Bruce gave the prediction Thursday on a webcast from incident response company Resilient Systems, where he is also a chief technology officer. He sees data security and privacy increasingly entering the political realm, both in terms of hackers’ targets and motives and in growing policy differences across borders.

He includes attacks like the massive capture and leak of internal Sony e-mails, which the U.S. government has linked to North Korea, and the revelation this year that Saudi Arabia’s foreign affairs ministry had been a target in attacks blamed on Iranian hackers.

Bruce says that these kinds of crimes have gained a lot of limelight as attackers see the impact they can show in the cyber world.

So, will the hackers succeed in hacking the US Presidential elections of 2016?

Well, only time can answer to this question.


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