Know how cloud is influencing the field of video surveillance !

Cloud based services usage is increasing in every industry these days and video surveillance industry is no exception. Therefore, in the realm of video surveillance, a cloud based system might provide video management software and enable access to video views from any of the company’s IP cameras, all connected securely to the system via internet. At the same time a cloud can also offer a secure platform for video storage and archival needs. Thus, it cuts down the need to purchase and maintain physical data storage devices for the user.

Consequently, the prime advantage in using cloud based surveillance includes cut down in the need of capital investment. This is due to the fact that the users going for a cloud based surveillance services can get rid of one-time expenditures and maintenance menace and get invoiced on a monthly basis for the services they are using. There is no upfront investment in computer servers or software licenses, or updates and cameras licenses.

Moreover, with the development in the technicalities in video surveillance as a service or cloud based surveillance, the setup is simple and is close to plug and play. As all the IT responsibilities for the system shift to the software vendor i.e. the service provider, the need for technical people on the customer’s premises gets eliminated. Also, this arrangement potentially eliminates the need for backup systems and related costs which are factors that make smaller companies ignore the whole concept of video surveillance. Web-based systems also provide easy access to information for employees working offsite or from home via phone, tablet or PC.

As the companies providing video surveillance as a service over the internet have massive data centers around the world, they can provide the necessary video storage capacities on demand. This approach is an emerging trend in the video surveillance arena because of the advantage that it lowers storage costs. Cloud-based video storage is a fraction of what network storage devices cost when measured per gigabyte. The economics alone suggest a growing role in the future for this type of storage. Additionally, the security of video images stored off-site is never a cause of concern for the user as it is always a top priority for cloud-based system supplier.

The other advantage in going for video surveillance as a service is that users can get the benefit of increasing their system functionality without increasing system infrastructure. Therefore, systems tend to be simpler, easily scalable and reliable and most importantly manageable.

On an overall note, it is evident that in future the various components of a video surveillance system will continue to develop and change as network capabilities, storage and transmission evolve.

Proportionately the advent and increasing use of the cloud in the world of video system will prove as a game changer in the above said video surveillance evolution.


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