Apple opposes new online surveillance powers of British government!

Apple, Inc. has slammed British parliament for giving intelligence agencies extra online surveillance powers to spy into the lives of millions of people, which could paralyze entire tech sector.

Britain unveiled proposals or new online powers last month that it said were needed to keep the country safe from criminals, fraudsters and militants, including the right to find out which websites its populace visited.

These powers are infact extraordinarily formulated and are beyond those available in Western Countries, including United States. The new powers which will be implemented soon simply cripple the personal freedom of those using internet and other communication mediums.

Apple submitted its response to British Parliamentary committee that is scrutinizing the new bill in the latest clash between Western Governments seeking to monitor the threat from Islamist Militants and online companies working to maintain security.

Apple clearly mentioned in its report that the new laws could weaken the concept of data encryption, and interfere with its products operations and services, forcing non- UK companies break the law in order to service in their region.

Lending support to Apple’s view, Microsoft also said an international approach would keep people more secure than competing measures from different countries.

The California based company uses end to end encryption on its FaceTime and iMessage Services, and is said to also administer the same level encryption onto all its mobile phone user communications from mid next year in order protect them against increasingly sophisticated hacking schemes and cyber attacks.

Will the resist from Apple and Microsoft against newly proposed British laws help in taking them down on a permanent note?

Or in order to operate and flourish in the region, will the businesses need to obey the laws?

Only time can answer these questions. Till then feel free to share your views in the comments section below.


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