StoneFly offers Storage QoS in its IP SAN appliances!

Virtualized data center environments need Storage QOS or Storage Quality of Service in order to prevent workloads or tenants from adversely affecting one another’s objectives regarding storage performance.

As these shared storage infrastructures support multiple workloads, there needs to be an admin tool to throttle performance for applications that are hogging resources at the expense of other workloads. Additionally, the storage admin must have the ability to set storage performance limits for specific workloads.

This is where StoneFly SAN appliances users get the advantage, as all iSCSI (IP) SAN appliances offered by the company have the storage QoS assurance.

It is a world renowned fact that StoneFly appliances are driven by the company’s patented and intelligent network operating system called StoneFusion. This intelligent operating system offers services like SAN based backup, host independent HTML based management, storage device independence, access control lists, IP network based SAN intelligence and advanced disaster recovery and fault tolerance. Also StoneFly StoneFusion offers storage provisioning feature along with quality of service assurance.

Therefore, for those who are worried that iSCSI storage always needs QOS, here’s the feature which StoneFly offers through its StoneFusion Operating system. With this feature, the problem of one host monopolizing the I/O traffic at the detriment of others gets nullified.

Moreover, QOS comes into use even more when there is contention for other resources such as on SSDs, processors or system memory.  Prioritization can be used to determine which workloads are throttled first, protecting the mission critical systems.

Finally, as Storage QoS safely virtualized mission critical applications by assuring their performance, it should be considered as a key requirement in any new shared storage system. That is where StoneFly IP SANs driven by StoneFusion operating system occupy a premium place.

To know more call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly IP SAN product catalog


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