Google working on “Google Now” powered by Artificial Intelligence!

Google has declared to the world that it is working on a new messaging application called “Google now” which is run by Artificial intelligence. The technology offers to the users the privilege of chatting with the chat-bots (robots assigned for chatting). Users can ask questions related to weather, news, images and sports to these chat bots and answers will be given to them in quick response.

The internet juggernaut has invested a lot on this technology from the past few years and is building it in lines of “Facebook M”. Additionally, it plans to work with its messaging app in such a way that it works in lines of WeChat and WhatsApp, where all the communication is done via internet.

Going with the recent figures, roughly 900 million people are now using WhatsApp, the messaging app Facebook bought for $19 billion in 2014, and another 700 million people use the Messenger service that Facebook developed internally.

It should be noted that Google had also tried acquiring WhatsApp for $10 billion in 2013, but the deal did not work out for reasons.

Another comparatively new entrant, Hike, revealed 35 million registered users in September. WeChat is current dominating the China market and its user base remains undisclosed.

One of the problems was its association with Google+. Google eventually separated Hangouts and made it a standalone app. The company even went an extra mile by allowing users to send Hangout invites to those without Google account. But nothing worked in its favor.

Coming back to the new messaging app “Google Now”, the web giant is now busy in testing its digital assistant on a small section of technology geeks from the Silicon Valley. If it succeeds, then it plans to offer the new application in February next year.


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