Intel NUC to come with Skull Canyon in early 2016?

Intel is planning to release its “Next Unit of Computing (NUC)” in early 2016 which will be powered by a Skull Canyon System having Iris Graphics 540’s potential by 50% on a clock for clock basis, pushing potential throughput to over 1Tflops for the first time.

Already the year 2015, has been working in favor of Intel, as its NUC- computing intelligence available in small factor, is a major hit among users who are seeking innovation in the field of home entertainment, gaming, productivity, digital signage, thin client and commercial segments.

Dubbed as mini workstations, these small sized CPUs are available for a meager price of $300 approximately. The user just needs to plug in these devices to their LED and start using them like a PC with remote and for other computing work functions.

If anyone out there is looking to buy a small form factor system in the near future, it might be worth waiting a little while.


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