Kim Dotcom and Edward Snowden will be extradited to US

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom and three of his colleagues who are taking asylum in New Zealand may be extradited to US, as per the latest verdict by a district civil court in Auckland. If this happens, then Kim will face US copyright infringement and other charges and may get imprisoned for 20 years.

The case dates back to January 2012, when Kim’s file sharing website company Megaupload along with two others were indicted by a grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia on the charges that they were engaging in a racketeering conspiracy, conspiring to commit copyright infringement and money laundering acts.

In simple terms, Dotcom and associates were slapped with the charges that their website “Megaupload” was illegally reproducing and distributing infringing copies of copyrighted works such as movies often before their theatrical release, leading to more than $500 million to copyright holders.

On the other hand, Kim Dotcom says that he is innocent in all this trouble, as it was his website users who uploaded the content, and his company’s duty was to store the content and not to verify it. Kim also added that he was running a cloud storage firm like any other and had made efforts to remove infringing content.

They are almost 13 law suits slapped against Kim and this includes the ones backed by six major US movie studios for allegedly copyright infringement. More details on this case and the verdict will be revealed next week.

Meanwhile, legal case against former NSA contractor Edward Snowden is also pending and in the next hearing may pronounce something which he isn’t expecting.

Edward Snowden in April 2013 revealed to the world that US was snooping on whole of its populace by recording and reviewing all their telephonic and internet surveillance activities. In his statement, he added that USA’s National Security Agency was not only spying on its own country’s populace, but was also sophistically monitoring on the internet activities and telephonic conversations of other country’s political celebrities which include China, Russia, UK, Australia and other developing countries in Asia.

As soon as these details leaked out to the media, Edward chose to fly out of United States and has now taken asylum in an undisclosed location in Russia. The US government reacted to this whole issue and confirmed that it was indeed spying on its populace in the name of National Security.

In November 2013, the US government declared that Edward Snowden was a fugitive wanted by the Fed on a serious note and slapped against him different cases, out of which one was that he absconded with some classified material pertaining to the national security of United States.

If in case, for any reason, Russia asks Edward Snowden to leave USA, then he will have no other option left, rather than moving to USA, as no other country will dare to go against the fed and offer him asylum. Early next year, a hearing on Edward Snowden is pending on this issue.

Meanwhile, in June 2015, Edward sent a video footage of him appealing to the US court of Justice in which he stated that he was ready to surrender and move back to USA on certain terms and conditions which he would like to discuss with the related authorities, before making a move.

So, will the fate of these two guys turn in 2016?

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