DNF Security appliances are protected with TamperGuard!

Imagine a building say a shopping mall is under surveillance and some wants to create mischief or something more serious than it in the premises. The first and foremost thing they have to deal with is the physical security and then the surveillance system, as it can record proof of the whole activity which happened in front of the security camera lens.

Now, let’s assume that the bad guy/s has managed to somehow fox the physical security in the premises and starts using his/ her technical skills to either stop the security cameras from recording an event for specific time or hack the video management system in order to wipe the evidence.

This is where DNF Security Falcon Hardware appliances are useful as they are protected by DNF Lifeline TamperGuard which continuously monitors for any type of configuration changes and suspected activity. This software tool has the ability to determine whether any type of unauthorized changes have been made and by who, at what date, time and to which frame.

Lifeline-TamperGuard configuration change manager can also compare system configurations with regulatory requirements or industry best practices (internal and external policies) and highlight areas that need to be investigated.

For more details call 510.265.1122 or click on DNF Security Lifeline Tamperguard web link


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