By 2020 one in ten homes will have a consumer robot says survey

Juniper Research has revealed that 1 in 10 homes will have a consumer robot by 2020. The study also revealed that the number is up considerably from one robot in 50 homes this year.

The research found out that US populace will use consumer robots for doing basic household chores like mowing the lawn, vacuuming the whole house, cleaning the snow from the top of the cars and baby sitting the kids when parents are out on work.

Already, some big branded hotels and businesses are using iRobots as butlers, bar tenders, as housekeeping staff or guides in their premises.

“The state of consumer robotics could be compared to the PC in the late 70s,” said Juniper Research analyst Steffen Sorrell. He added that venture capitalist and corporate investment has ramped up tremendously in recent times, as they know that this is the start of a paradigm shift in the way we use and interact with machines.

The research study made by Juniper also highlighted that “lack of trust” was the reason for Americans hesitating to adopt robots into their homes.

Juniper research added that as robots, particularly bigger, stronger machines, enter the marketplace, they will need to gain the trust of the humans with whom they are working.

People will need to be fairly assured that the robots won’t hurt them or damage their possessions. If that’s possible, then the adoption rate of Robots in households will increase to many folds.

But is that practical atleast in next ten years?

Share your views in comments section below.


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