Are you prepared for a data disaster?

Imagine a natural or man made disaster strikes your data center or IT infrastructure, then are you sure that your business operations could resume swiftly, completely and immaculately?

In other words, are you having a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan in place? If not, it is better to have it as it helps a company from possible outages caused by data theft, human errors or natural disasters.

Since, developing a disaster recovery plan is crucial to protect your data under even the most catastrophic events; here are the ten basic questions for which you need to keep the answers ready in order to ensure that your enterprise’s DR plan will work when it matters most.

  1. First and foremost is to find out whether one’s enterprise has documented step-by-step procedures required to bring the business back to normal after crisis?
  2. The next thing is to note whether a company has prioritized critical business processes, determined how quickly they must be recovered after a crisis, and in what succession?
  3. Have you determined the recovery time objectives (means acceptable downtime) and recover point objectives (acceptable data loss) for your most critical IT systems?
  4. Has your organization quantified the cost per hour of downtime?
  5. Does your firm have a pre-determined alternate location where employees can work and is work from home an option?
  6. Does your organization have a pre-determined alternate facility where all IT systems can resume immediate operations?
  7. Have you invested in proper technology to ensure that your systems are up after disaster?
  8. Did your employees receive training on any emergency procedures?
  9. Has your enterprise prepared a list of emergency contact info such as customers, vendors, insurance companies, suppliers etc?
  10. And has your firm made arrangements for backup communications methods?

According to Gartner, around 60% companies are unable to successfully recover after a disaster due to lack of recovery plans and out of the said percentage, 16% of them fail to take off again after a disaster strike.

If you need help designing and implementing a disaster recovery plan that’s guaranteed to work when you need it most, consult with a professional organization to ensure it gets done properly.

If you need help, our teams of data continuity experts at DNF Corporation are always there to help you.


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