Apple patents Fingerprint upload to cloud!

Apple has succeeded in patenting fingerprint information upload to cloud and download to another iPhone. The August 2015 patent is a continuation of the patent which was filed in July 2013 by the American electronics giant.

According to the new patent rules, Apple devices with fingerprint sensors would first collect fingerprint information, as they do today, but that they would also be capable of uploading that information to the cloud for storage and download and use it by a second device.

Now, to those who are concerned about this technology, the details are as follows. Apple’s touch ID calculates a mathematical representation of the key shapes of the fingerprint, which is than only ever kept locally on the iPhone and not backed up to the cloud.

In order to have this info uploaded to the cloud for later use on other devices, users would need to sign in using their Apple ID. Apple suggests that in some implementations, first processor may encrypt the enrollment data and/or account data using an encryption algorithm prior to uploading, if desired, as will be appreciated by those skilled in the art.

Apple’s Fingerprint technology will be used to purchase apps from the apps store and also to lock a Mac via an iPhone.

More details will be updated shortly in order to get more clarity!


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