DNF offers video storage for police departments which has cloud storage integration!

DNF Security, a business unit of Dynamic Network Factory is offering video storage for police departments which has cloud storage integration. So, as Petabytes of police videos are flooding into cloud services, this could prove as a smart and cost effective solution.

In order to understand the solution’s concept a bit deep, let’s take an example. The Police department of Birmingham has seen a 71% drop in citizen complaints and 38% drop in use of force by officers, since deploying 319 body cameras in July this year.

The camera are proving so effective that the department plans to buy another 300 cameras early next year, in order to reach the goal of getting a camera on everybody who wears a uniform.

Currently, with the available set of 300 cameras the Birmingham police is using 5TB video storage in its headquarters premises. And out of which it has consumed over 1.5TB capacity in just two months. So, in next three to four months, the department will exceed the 5TB limit of their on premises video storage and will either take the help of the cloud storage or will purchase additional capacity.

Instead of extra investments, DNF Security Video Storage appliances are being offered with the feature of “Cloud Connection”. The users of this storage can store hot data (frequently accessed data) on-premises i.e. of the appliance and can move the cold data or not so frequently accessed data to the cloud platform.

All Falcon Series Video Storage appliances support an optional Cloud Connection for video archiving. Live recordings continue to be stored directly on the Falcon appliance’s local storage, while archived footage can be written to and read from a secure StoneFly Cloud Drive hosted in Microsoft Azure or the StoneFly Cloud Business Center.

Customer needs to pay only for the videos which are being accessed from the cloud. This will not only keep the escalating costs of buying storage under check, but will keep the maintenance issues out of your mind.

To know more call 510.265.1122 or click on DNF Cloud Connection web page


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