These are the coolest big data startups of 2015!

Big Data related industries are one of the fastest and coolest growing segments of IT world. And very recently, Wikibon predicted that the market related to the said technology will grow nearly 22% to $33.31 billion this year.

In 2015, big data sector helped businesses more easily and effectively analyzes data and derive value from it. It includes companies offering technology for analyzing data in Hadoop and Realtime streaming data, and companies providing software that brings big data analytics capabilities to everyday business workers.

So, here are the coolest big data startups of 2015

Interana- CEO Ann Johnson is leading this 2013 big data startup named “Interana” which deals with the technology that helps businesses analyze streaming data in real time. The company deals with events based analytical software which works with click stream data and other event based info to help users’ answers questions about how customers behave and how products are used. The objective of the software is to provide objectionable business intelligence for nontechnical users.

This California based firm raised $20 million in Series B financing early this year.

ThoughtSpot- This Company which is being led by CEO Ajeet Singh is working with an objective of eliminating the need for complex BI tools. For this reason, ThoughtSpot released Relational Search Appliance which combines data from on-premise, cloud and desktop sources and provides users with the ability to access that data with a simple search interface.

The said California based company founded in 2012 has received a $30 million Series B Funding in October 2014.

AtScale- Dave Mariani is the CEO of this company which was founded in 2013 and offers an Intelligence Platform Software than allows commonly used business intelligence tools to access data stored in Hadoop Clusters.

Generally, when enterprises store data on Hadoop, access and analysis of data becomes difficult. But with the AtScale Software technology creation of semantic layer between Hadoop and BI tools is possible, and as a result the big data platform of Hadoop can be turned into an OLAP server.

Confluent- Led by Jay Kreps, this 2014 big data startup provides technology and services that help businesses adopt and use its Kafka System. This technology will prove critical for businesses which implement IoT systems to collect and analyze huge volumes of streaming data. The said California based company has succeeded in raising $24 million in Series B Funding.

Looker- Frank Bien is the CEO of this company which offers software-as-a-service for business analytics. According to Frank, his company puts actionable intelligence in the hands of the employees who need it most. “Looker” offers cloud based tools that can connect to a wide range of data sources, including Amazon Redshift, Google Big Query, HP Vertica, Cloudera Impala, Apache Spark, SQL database, and others.

Tamr- Led by Andy Palmer, the Massachusetts based ‘Tamr’ offers enterprise data unification software that businesses use to integrate diverse, siloed data for business analytics tasks and downstream applications.

Data Hero- This San Francisco based startup is being led by Ed Miller and it offers cloud based services that collect data from such disparate sources such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Excel, Office 365, Marketo, Hubspot and Eventbrite and turns it into charts and dashboards. Data Hero is trying to offer analytical applications that can be used by a broad range of everyday business users without a lot of assistance from the IT department. This 2011 founded company raised $6.1 million in Series A Funding in May this year. This Company which is just a year old has acquired already a $15 million in Series-A funding.  Led by Yaron Segev, this company offers enterprises simplicity of integrating predictive analytics into their business models.

Roundforest- This Company is one of the 16 Israeli Startups which is ready to take on 2016 for having successfully completed their first designated consumer tool. The company offers a platform that uses data analysis and predictive analytics to help consumers discover relevant products and thus helps in optimizing every step of the consumer’s purchase path. This is possible by Roundforest’s proprietary automated engine that removes the guesswork out of performance optimization.

SQream Technologies- The Company won five major awards in 2015 which includes Red Herring Global 100, Red Herring Asia 100, best in Biz, Stevie, and Tech Trailblazers Regional. After launching its second product called Genomes it raised $7.4 million in Series B Funding. So, this was probably the most successful year for this 2010 startup.

Can you think of any other? If so, please leave your response in comments section below!


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