StoneFly offers Scale out NAS solutions for Virtualization

Enterprise data centers which are looking to simplify storage management and efficiency in their virtualized data center environments can go for StoneFly Scale Out NAS appliances. The Super Scale out (SSO) NAS of StoneFly helps in eliminating storage sprawl in virtualized environment, as it has the ability to deliver unprecedented performance, redundancy and scalability.

StoneFly SSO series of appliances were designed for customers requiring a powerful storage solution that can scale out storage capacity while scaling up performance. This solution is perfect for managing large quantities of unstructured (file-based) data within a single global namespace and a single file system. .

StoneFly SSO’s inclusion in virtualized environments eliminates complex storage management tasks such as chasing hot spots and migrating virtual machines. Thus, with a StoneFly Super Scale out NAS, users can focus on achieving the greatest gains from virtualized server environments.

And coming to scalability nature of appliance, each SSO is designed as a fully symmetric storage system and is, by nature, extremely dynamic as it can scale capacity from terabytes to Petabytes in a single file system.

StoneFly SSO delivers unmatched storage efficiency, combined with easy to manage approach, which helps the users to reduce capital expenditure as well as ongoing operating costs.

Finally, the end point is StoneFly SSO offers the privilege of adding capacity and/or performance without downtime or disruption.

To know more call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly Super Scale Out NAS appliance series.

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