Data Center trends for 2016!

Data Center world has seen a lot of evolution in last few years and New Year 2016 will also have its share. So, let’s discuss what’s in store for the data center market in 2016.

Modular data centers- Adoption of modular data center in enterprise IT world has been low so far. But that is going to change in 2016 with a substantially higher rate of adoption due to new concepts in the market. Modular data center containers are nowadays architectured in such a way that they are mimicking the traditional construction of data centers, while maintaining the advantages of speed to market, scalability, and accelerated depreciation of modular. So, for those who are into offering modular data center containers to the world, the time has bloomed.

Retail and Wholesale colocation merge- In the past fear years, the line between retail and wholesale colocation has been blurry. Reason, the wholesale players are now coming down to offer 250KW instead of 1MW and are offering more managed services than ever. Meanwhile, traditional retail companies are signing customers for larger deals like the multi megawatt range while still offering the same array of managed services.

Rise of Edge data centers- A healthy rise in the number of edge data centers is going to be witnessed in this year. The edge players will not only focus on cable and telecom connectivity, but the next frontier to them will be mobile, where more and more people are accessing their content.

DCIM adoption will steadily continue- The DCIM market has been riding the hype cycle from the past couple of years. But in this year, the DCIM will advance towards maturity and productivity. Adoption will be slow, but will be steady until the market shares out more success stories.

Renewable energy adoption will rise- Adoption of renewable energy will accelerate in 2016, as its adoption has risen to a point where it is no longer a marketing gimmick, but is proving as a competitive advantage.

TCO will get fragmented- In 2016’s data center design consideration, TCO will loose ground. This is due to the fact that the Capex driven decisions will get largely influenced by energy efficiency, accelerated depreciation and other financial factors which will payback a lot on long run.

Water usage gets importance- As water is most subsidized and under prized utility in United States, it will become a larger factor in TCO due to its simple availability, even in era of drought and other extreme weather conditions.

Security factor will increase in data centers- After all the data center breaches in 2015, principally that Sony fiasco; data centers will bring security concerns to the forefront. In this year, data center builders and operators will be increasingly called upon to prove that their operations can shield against viruses, malware and other malicious software, particularly as governments increasingly adapt the cloud and managed services.

Data Centers will be ushered to Hyperscale- Hyperscale refers to the treatment of servers as a commodity component that can be dynamically configured, as needed, for specific workloads or applications, including as storage devices, and quickly replaced when an issue arises. Corporate data centers will be able to take advantage of hyperscale technology in year 2016, and solution providers will find this a new area in which to invest as a way to show differentiation and be ready for the future.

Software defined- As software defined networking and software defined storage are available from most mainline vendors, data centers will show a lot of interest in adopting these specialized hardware. By doing so, all the functions of a data center can be put into a software stack running on commodity hardware which mimics cloud vendors and their hyperscale cloud infrastructures.


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