Use DNF Security Fanless video management system for roadside traffic monitoring

DNF Security offers Fanless video management systems driven by powerful hardware components such as Intel 3rd generation i7 and i5 processors having high speed DDR3 memory and enterprise class hard drives to offer extraordinary computing power in Fanless architecture offering reliable operations in various environments that require a small footprint system. The best is explained below.

Let us suppose, you are in need of a video management system in a vehicle which is monitoring traffic on a roadside and need to chase a person who has violated the rules. The Fanless solution offered by DNF security can prove as a necessity, as it offers the privilege of storing info related to all law breakers on a single platform.

This can prove extremely useful, as you just need to type in the details of the vehicle number, which has violated the law and all the credentials related to the automobile like vehicle owners name, his/her criminal history along with age, his/her drive history, car history can get displayed on your in-vehicle screen.

This allows you to not only keep a track of the vehicle, but also better understand on what the traffic rules evader can do when cornered.

DNF Security Falcon NV Series PC solutions are available in 4 variants- Falcon NV3120, Falcon NV3100VTC, Falcon NV4022 and Falcon NV4022 loaded with i7 processor.

All these Fanless PCs are loaded with i5 processors and run on Windows 7/8 operating system. As per the customer needs, these systems can have an 8GB, 16GB or 32GB memory. These PCs can start their computing operations based on the ignition control of the vehicle and are also tucked with Gigabit Ethernet ports for network communications.

Therefore, if you are interested in knowing more details about these products or interested in a quote just call 510.265.1122 or click on DNF Security NV Fanless PCs web page.


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