What’s the use of companies notifying users of state sponsored attacks?

Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Microsoft are now getting busy in notifying their service users on “State Sponsored Attacks”. What this means is that any user of the web services offered by these companies will be alerted via email, when his/her account activity gets monitored by “ State Sponsored Actor” meaning, if their internet activity is being monitored by security authorities.

The security authorities, such as United States NSA start spying on the web or telephonic activities of their respective populace, as soon as the latest web activity carried by the web services users turns suspicious.

Thus, in the name of “National Security” they start spying on that person’s web and telephonic activity and if needed, will alert the security officials if that person’s activity is found disturbing or is against the national security laws.

FYI, United States has made it official that by doing so, it wants to block any kind of militant activities in and around its nation.

Thus, when a “State Sponsored Actor” meaning National security authorities start spying a person’s activity on web, the web services provider like Google, Facebook, Yahoo or Microsoft will alert the users via email, that they are being spied.

The activity can be as follows-

Google/Yahoo- If a person uses Google/Yahoo search or Gmail/Yahoo Mail to communicate with any criminal outside the country or starts search for web pages like “how to create a bomb or use a Bomb, gelatin sticks and such”;

Facebook- If a person uses Facebook to communicate any banned militant agencies or speaks to people outside the nation with criminal intentions

Microsoft- Uses Skype to speak or communicate with any suspected criminals/ terrorist/groups….

Then his or her email account will be spied from then on and on any slight further suspicion, will be notified to the security authorities. Based on this activity, the authorities can arrest the person and start an enquiry.

Therefore, in a bid to offer transparency, the web services providers mentioned above are notifying their respective users about such state sponsored spying- which can also be termed as “State Sponsored Hacks”.

What’s the use of notifying users of “State Sponsored Attacks”?

The aim of alerting the users by the said companies is to keep them updated about the activity which is going in the background. This allows the people stay on their toes to face any untoward situations afterwards.

Will this serve purpose?

No, not at all. As those indulging in crime will take the email alert and will start using other means/channels to fulfill their objective. Therefore, all the future plans of those involving in crime like terror activities cannot be monitored by the authorities and this accounts to more trouble.

What should be done?

The only solution for now is to keep the spying activities in the background and let the authority’s do the work, as it only induces fear into innocent and alerts the “bad guys” which is simply pointless.


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