Illinois invests $98000 for analog to IP video surveillance upgrade!

Analog based video surveillance is now termed as outdated and so the city of Des Plaines, located in Illinois is all set to invest around $100,000 for an upgrade from analog to IP based surveillance.

According to a report in The Chicago Daily Herald, the Des Plaines City Council on Monday released a press statement stating that it is going to invest $98,313 in a contract to upgrade analog security systems cameras to digital systems.

The report included the fact that the current analog systems are not providing full video surveillance services to Police departments, city halls, train stations, and Levee 50 and so the Police Chief Bill Kushner and Director of Information Technology Romeo Sora after discussing the issue with other authorities have decided to go for an upgrade.

The upgrade contract is being handed over to Precision Control Systems of Chicago Inc and as a part of the contract will witness 76 new security camera installations that use IP based technology. The company will also upgrade the video storage and networking infrastructure required for the new IP surveillance system by mid this year.

More details are awaited!


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