Microsoft succeeds in pushing Windows 10 onto 164 million PCs!

American software giant Microsoft has released the latest details stating that it has succeeded in pushing its new Windows 10 operating system onto 164 million PCs.

However, the Operating system’s user share increase last month was slightly less than the month before, continuing a trend of slowing growth.

Research firm Net Applications user share represented almost 164 million Windows 10 PCs worldwide, assuming a total of 1.5 billion windows systems in use. Microsoft has plans to update all the said 1.5 billion machines with Windows 10 by the year 2018.

In October 2015, Microsoft officially revealed that its Win 10 OS was running on 110 million machines. It also went further ahead, by notifying all windows 7 and 8 users through a special pop-up window that its new OS has won the hearts of more than 110 million users.

But since then, the company hasn’t delivered much on this note and very recently, through its other resources (i.e. Net Applications) revealed that more than 165 million PC users were using Windows 10.

It’s already a known fact that Microsoft has given a one year free upgrade offer to all Windows 7 and 8 users to jump onto Win 10 bandwagon.

But still, nothing much seems to be working in the company’s favor, due to many concerns circling the new OS.

Let’s hope it has a good run in 2016.


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