Promise Technology unveils Apollo Personal Cloud Appliance at CES!

Promise Technology will soon be offering a personal cloud appliance called ‘Apollo’ to give users and their groups’ full control over the storage and selective sharing of their digital content.

Promise Technology’s Apollo makes it easy to its users to store, access and share selected data from wherever there happen to be.

The storage solutions provider is all set to demonstrate the solution at CES South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center Tech East held in between January 6th-9th 2016.

Apollo is a small, quite appliance that stores data amounting up to 4TB. It will serve better to home users to store their family photos and videos that otherwise proliferate like wildfire on family members phones, tablets and laptops and at increasingly high resolutions.

Since, the storage appliance can be connected via web interface, Promise Technology’s Apollo acts as a personal cloud which can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime.

The other highlight is that each user gets private space and sharing control which is not present on other solutions. Additionally, all transactions are encrypted and so security fear is almost null.

Promise Apollo enables friends and family to comment on and discuss shares content such as videos and photos within an entirely private environment.

Distribution of Apollo personal cloud appliances will be done through Apple stores from March this year.


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