Samsung offers SSD powered external storage for PCs, smart phones and tablets!

Samsung has come out with a new SSD powered data storage which will serve PC, tablet and smart phone users as an external storage. Samsung SSD T3 storage is of 2TB capacity and provides a speedy storage boost over the USB type C thumb drive.

The SSD powered storage named SSD T3 will start shipping next month and will be compatible with Windows, Mac and Android 4.4 and higher OS loaded gadgets.

Samsung’s new offering is a succeed to the company’s SSD T1 drive, which shipped a year ago and was priced at $180 for a 250GB drive and $600 for a 1TB drive.

Samsung SSD T3 now weighs 55 grams and can just fit into a shirt pocket, making it easy to carry along with mobile devices. It is based on V-NAND technology of Samsung and works with USB 3.1 protocol, which can transfer data between hosts and peripheral devices at 10 Gbps and with a sequential read and write of 450MB per second, which equals 3600 megabits per second.

Samsung SSD T3 will be available from February this year and might be tagged with an $850 price tag.


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