Toyota building data center exclusively for connected car big data!

Toyota which is touted as world’s largest automaker is all set to become the world’s first company to dedicate a data center exclusively to store data from connected cars. The data center will support Toyota’s Data Communication Module, which will enable the company’s next generation connected vehicle framework, transmitting data over cellular networks.

In order to support the excessive data processing from its vehicle, the company is all set to start its own data center named “Toyota Big Data Center (TBDC) which can also be called as Toyota Smart Center.

TBDC will analyze and process data collected by DCM and use it to deploy services under high level information security and privacy control.

It is a known fact that connected cars are one of innovative and quickly growing sources of data expected to drive growth in demand for data transmission, storage and processing capacity- collectively known as Internet of Things.

Toyota did not provide details about the new data center it is planning to build for connected car data, such as size, power capacity or location. But the company will make an announcement at CES 2016 after which will reveal more details to the media.

But as per our sources, Toyota Smart Center will get ready by 2017 and will focus on US market in the initial years. Later in 2018 it will expand to European markets in the future. The company’s concept of connecting cars over cellular network expands their ability to transmit data for products and services. And by 2019, Toyota plans to expand its data center operations around the globe.


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