Panasonic to offer Blu Ray loaded storage systems for cold data storage!

Facebook revealed to the world in 2014 that it is using Blu-Ray disks as a cost efficient media to archive billions of images that users uploaded to its service platform. Panasonic is said to commercialize the same storage systems loaded with Blu Ray discs and is said to offer to the world as “Freeze Ray” useful to store cold data for longer periods of time.

A couple of years ago, Facebook disclosed to the world that its users often review their pictures taken in the first week. So, for that reason, the social media giant stores those images on solid state drives or spinning hard drives. But as time goes on and the images become older than a month, the users of Facebook only view their images once or twice in a year.

At this point, depending on the access rate, Facebook dumps them onto high capacity Blue Ray discs, where they might sit for years without being looked at even once. Facebook has said that its Blu Ray systems are 50% cheaper than using hard disk drives for cold storage, and 80% more energy efficient.

Panasonic is all set to commercialize the same Blu Ray disks loaded storage systems as “Freeze Ray” meant to store cold data. The company feels that these discs have the potential to give a tough competition to tape storage media when smartly used.

According to Panasonic B2B division president Yasu Enokido, Blu Ray discs can be treated as the best media for cold storage needs, as the discs have longevity, immutability, backward compatibility, low power consumption and tolerance to environmental changes.

But presently, the capacity of these drives is between 100GB to 300GB, while Panasonic is working to bring in 500GB and 1TB disks with its commercial systems.

Facebook is said to help Panasonic in offering blu-ray disc loaded commercial cold storage systems with high capacities.

Sony which brought Facebook’s funded Optical Archive Company is also said to offer Blu Ray filled storage systems meant for cold storage needs by this year end.


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