More than 181000 drones get registered on FAA final call

Federal Aviation Administration call to register all drones operating in USA was well received by drone owners of said region. As per the latest data available to the media, more than 181,000 drones were registered in the US federal Aviation Administration’s new drone registration database since December 21st, 2015.

Till December 24th, 2015, only 45,000 registrations were witnessed. But after holidays, the registrations picked up and reached 181,000 count and it was still ringing.

FAA’s new drone database requires drone users to enter their name and address in return for a registration number. The number needs to be marked on the drone and will help in recognizing the actual owner in case of its crash or when found in illegal usage. However, the registration number doesn’t help in keeping a track of drones for owners while in flight.

It is all about safety and provides a key opportunity to educate users about a new generation of airspace which is filled with basic rules such as the need to stay below 400 feet, fly only during daylight and keep the drone out of the visual range of airports.

More details are posted on FAA website


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