StoneFly CDR365 Disaster Recovery offers direct cloud backup!

StoneFly CDR365 Disaster Recovery software application when installed on customer’s data storage solution offers secure and automated data backup to secure cloud storage. This application combines easy to use interface with a powerful functionality making a disaster recovery plan simple, affordable and reliable.

To better understand, here’s an example. If suppose, a user is storing all the enterprise data on a storage appliance which is having specific capacity and thereafter when he understands the value of a backup and recovery wants to go for it. Either they are left with the option of buying backup and recovery appliance to replicate data to that appliance, for future use; or go for a cloud backup service.

The second option looks promising, as with the first option, if an unexpected disaster like fire hits the data center, then all the stored and backed up data will be lost in the catastrophe.

If the user installs a StoneFly CDR365 Disaster Recovery application on the storage appliance, all the data can be backed up in an automated way to the cloud. The application runs on Windows service and tracks folders for new or changed files to back them up immediately. Unauthorized access can be prevented as CDR365 has an encryption algorithm which sets up a unique key.

Now, if bandwidth consumption is your worry, StoneFly CDR365 can be scheduled in the weekends or off-hours. And for those using common bandwidth stream for other applications, StoneFly CDR365 is having such intelligence that users can customize the software in such a way that only 10% of bandwidth is consume during business hours and the rest of the whole( or what ever is available apart from the portion dedicated to surveillance) is consumed after the business hours.

The cloud storage allotted can be used as a local disk users will be informed when backups are successful or if there is a problem.

To known more call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly CDR365 Disaster Recovery


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