DNF Security Lifeline RMS prevents CCTV network from downtime issues!

DNF Security offers Lifeline Remote Monitoring Software which is a forward looking tool that offers to its customers the privilege of reacting, identifying and resolving critical system and network infrastructure problems before they affect critical mission critical video surveillance applications with unplanned downtime.

Lifeline RMS of DNF Security offers continuous monitoring of video server health. It includes reporting of disk space utilization, storage array health, CPU Utilization, Physical memory utilization, number of users, network latency and business continuity. RMS also keeps a track on video data integrity and offers Real time 24/7 proactive predictive monitoring.

By sending email/sms alerts of critical system status users of this software tool get the help of eliminating or reducing the need of having dedicated IT personnel on premises.

Also DNF Security RMS also helps in specific process monitoring of industry leading video management software like AIMETIS, Exacqvision, Onssi, Milestone, Nuuo and Genetec.

Contact DNF Security to know more by calling 510.265.1122


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